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Meet the Team

Telberth Forde
Executive Director
Phone: (518) 810-8535 EXT 103
Cell Phone: (518) 414-1943

Thesilka Forde
Associate Executive Director of Operations
Phone: (518) 810-8535 EXT 104
Cell Phone: (518) 419-2354

Sobana ThambirajahSobana Thambirajah
Director of Community Supports

My name is Sobana Thambirajah and I have been involved in self directed services from its inception, working in the not for profit sector and as a staff member of OPWDD. Earlier in my career I worked in administrative and clinical positions in Agencies that serve those experiencing developmental disabilities. I have and continue to have a very passionate desire to serve this population and find self directed services to be the best way to meet the needs of those experiencing developmental disabilities while still maintaining those individuals rights to a self determined life. A life that puts their wants and desires at the forefront of life planning.

I hold and advanced degree in psychology from a university in India and over 15 years of practical experience working in programs overseen by OPWDD . I look forward to working with you and your family as a Director of community supports and will work diligently in this role to help you succeed in navigating the self directed service system effectively.